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Marrakesh apartment rental

long term rental

Rent Apartment

10.500 DH
Descriptif :  Rent Apartment located one minute from the main avenue Mohammed 6, in an environment o ...
2 2 150.00 m2details
long term rental

Apartment for rent gueliz

5.500 DH
Descriptif :  Rental Apartment, located at the beginning of the road of Fes 10min from  “gueli ...
2 2 85.00 m2details
long term rental

Apartment for rent long duration

6.000 DH
Descriptif :  Rent Apartment, downtown guéliz close to the French high school Victor Hugo and on the ...
long term rental

Luxury Apartment for Rent

6.500 DH
Descriptif :  Rental luxury apartment in the heart of downtown Gueliz close to shops 2 minutes from ...
2 2 135.00 m2details
long term rental

Apartment for Rent

13.500 DH
Descriptif :  Rent modern apartment well located in the city center guéliz close to the main avenue ...
2 2 134.00 m2details

Guide to Renting an Apartment in Marrakech

The Unique Experience of an Apartment for Rent in Marrakech

Choosing an apartment in Marrakech means choosing independence. Our apartments are equipped with modern kitchens and private living spaces, ideal for stays with family or friends.

Explore our Platform for Apartment Rental in Marrakech

Our website is your portal to the best apartment rental offers in Marrakech. Whether your stay is short or long, furnished or unfurnished, we have options for all tastes and needs.

The Flexibility of Long-Term Rentals in Marrakech

For those planning an extended stay, our long-term rental apartments offer comfort, privacy and total immersion in Moroccan daily life.

Furnished Apartments: Comfort and Style

Our furnished apartments are ready to welcome you, with varied styles and amenities such as swimming pools and gyms. An ideal solution for a carefree stay.

Strategic Locations in Marrakech

Located in prime neighborhoods, our apartments offer tranquility and accessibility, with magnificent views, calming gardens and all modern conveniences.

Book your Ideal Apartment in Marrakech

Browse our selection of apartments for rent in Marrakech and prepare for a memorable experience in this captivating city.

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